I believe that my most significant periods of growth have come about when my perspective of the world around me, and the ideas I've come to believe are true, are actually challenged. My work is an exploration of these challenges - as I experience them, the ideas I find myself intrigued or entrapped by, and of the mechanisms that create these inner conflicts. 

I'm intrigued by ideas, and by the idea of books as physical vessels that contain ideas. And I'm drawn to the physicality of architecture as objects that we interact with and are influenced by. I am fascinated by symbols, metaphors, and allegories. I use all of these elements in my work in the form of objects, images, written words, and the very structure of the pieces themselves. And through their symbolic meanings and (sometimes ambiguous) relationships, I explore the tug and pull of ideas, and the transformation of their meanings. 

Those specific elements that find their way into my work are elements of myself. As a child I grew up with Greek myths, archeology, text in ancient friezes and sculptures, maps of ruins, and weathered stone. As an adult, I’ve continued to explore the deeper meanings of these things, as well as ancient and modern architecture, poetry, tragedy, the place of myths, and the myths of places. They have become part of my mental and visual make up, and they are what my work is made from. 

The physical presence of my art has always been an important element to me, and I continually strive to refine and expand on my craftsmanship and technical abilities as an artist and fabricator. The words in my work are as important as the visual elements, and I write them myself, constructing them as carefully as the rest of the piece.